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CD's, DVD's and USB's

CD's, DVD's and USB's are available to purchase for community showings only.

They can be purchased through Paypal, cheque or order through email. Cheques should be made payable to AM I FILM C.I.C. and sent to Am I Film, PO Box 329, Alton GU34 9HZ

Any group/church who cannot afford to pay can have the film on loan for six weeks and just pay £3 p&p.

I.AM is not to be used for commercial use without the written permission of Amifilm C.I.C.


The showing of I.AM should be shown without charge.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing the I.AM Film, we trust it will initiate great interest as it is shown in your community.

The following is to assist in the preparation for your event.

The film does not require a PG rating.

It is advisable to have a few programmes available. They can be downloaded from the web site but most people prefer to relax and soak up the film without much guidance. After viewing people need to have time to think, it is important not to ask questions.

Referring back to the vision, the film was made to reach those who do not normally attend church. We have suggested some venues but there are many more:
Clubs, pop up shops, rooms in cafés and pubs, colleges, universities, media groups, work place (lunch time showing), hospitals, prisons, schools, secular festivals, or a room off an indoor market…. the list is endless.

Churches where a café is already set up and open to the general public is ideal for showing the film. Background noise should be eliminated to enable people to see, hear and reflect.

If churches wish, C.D’s can be offered for a suggested donation. The C.D replicates the music and voices in the film. These can be purchased in bulk, at a cheaper rate, on request.

If you send us your email address, we will keep you informed of the progress of I.AM.

Thank you.


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DVD, CD and guidelines package £10
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6 weeks rental of

DVD, CD and guidelines package £3
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USB, CD and guidelines package £10
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