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New Revelations

Christine Bonfield


Part of the filming of Moses scene at the Minack
Part of the filming of Moses scene at the Minack


The two revelations will be dealt with back to front.

A vision

In September, 2013, God gave another vision. It was a window, which was dark as if a blind completely blocked it. Then, light started to come in from the top, gradually going to the bottom until the whole window was full of light.

In normal circumstances, if a man had pulled the blind, light would come in from the bottom upwards. As the light was coming in from the top of the window, only The Lord could have pulled the blind.


The church is being given a window of opportunity, where The Lord will pour out spiritual blessings on our nation and move in areas which have long been closed but there is an urgency, we need to get into place quickly, remembering it is only a window.

The initial revelation

At the end of 2012, during prayer, I felt distressed that many people, for three or four generations, have had very little input with regard to the things of God. As I prayed, The Lord revealed a plan to give those, who have neither time nor inclination to go to church, a glimpse of His love and grace, en masse.

The instrument would be a unique, musical, 20 minute film, shown at pop up centres in shops (obtained through the charitable status of churches), the work place, schools, prisons, hospitals, pubs, clubs and town/village halls, in a setting where people would be served a drink in a pleasant environment.

There were no flashing lights or pictures at the time of this revelation, just a deep understanding of what The Lord was saying. However, as always, I asked Him to confirm this message from an independent source at the meeting I would be attending later in the day.

That evening, at our mid week fellowship gathering, we split up into small groups to pray. Wonderfully, in a way that only God can do, a lady in my group had a picture of a blank screen and felt it was to do with communication, even though she had no idea what it related to (I had not spoken to anyone at this point). Immediately, I knew God was confirming His message, ‘A film to communicate with those who have not heard.’

In my heart, I understood The Lord wanted things to move relatively quickly. He was calling His people to rise, in unison, across the nation once again.


Shot from Creation scene
Shot from Creation scene