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Three years ago, two visions, one of flames going up from Lands End to the north of Scotland and the other, an open top, double decker bus with Jesus standing upstairs, at the front, resulted in a bus being sent ahead of the Olympic torch, taking live praise around the nation.

Hundreds of churches participated, providing live worship bands and hospitality. Travelling over 8,500 miles in 64 days, a conservative estimate of people who would have heard and seen the bus is over a million, many of them waving and cheering as lively praise and the sight of a very simple message went past.

The message on the bus said: ‘From the rising of the sun, to its going down, The Lord’s name is to be praised.’

God has not finished. The flame across our nation is to be fanned brighter.


Praise bus


Band performing on top of bus


For those who wish to find out more about the Praise Bus, click on the Facebook connection below and scroll down to 2012 www.facebook.com/ThePraiseBus